Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Camp Rock 2 – Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Demi/Mitchie: Its like, he doesn’t hear a word I say. His mind is somewhere far, away. And I dont know how to get there.
Demi/Mitchie: And its like… All he wants is to chill out
(Joe/Shane): She’s way too serious. She’s always in a rush.
Demi/Mitchie: You Make me wanna pull all my, hair out.
(Joe/Shane): And inturrupted.
Demi/Mitchie: You
(Joe/Shane): Me
Demi/Mitchie: Were face-to-face
Joe&Demi/Shane&Mitchie: But we don’t see eye-to-eye

Like fire and rain
(Like fire and rain)
You can drive me insane
(You can drive me insane)
But I can’t stay mad at you for anything
We’re Venus and Mars
(Venus and Mars)
We’re like different stars
(Like different stars)
You’re the harmony to every song I sing
And I wouldn’t change a thing

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